Guaranteed Premium Quality

About Us


  We are a locally owned and operated company who takes pride in our  workmanship and customer service. We are especially conscious about the  environment, and NEVER let one of our non-repairable bumpers hit a  landfill. All non-repairable bumpers are sent out where they are  recycled into high quality, engineering grade resin pellets for  manufacturing applications. We are a true green company, and take pride  in the fact that we don't clutter the landfills with these  non-biodegradable bumpers. 

To date, we have recycled approximately 1,00000,000 pounds of plastic.

We have the most experienced technicians in the industry, with over 40  years of combined experience. We use a high temperature gas fusion  process which provides superior durability for our repairs. 

We offer a  lifetime warranty on all our workmanship.

We have thousands of OEM bumper cores in stock, and we have a two day turnaround of your core or ours.

Please call us at 610-434-5895, or fax us at 610-434-5898 to schedule a  pick up of your cores, within our current delivery area. We take  everything, repairable or not!!